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We are glad you found us and hope you find the information contained on this site helpful.

This website is for people who have suffered an injury to their brain, and their families and caregivers.

It provides general information about strokes or brain attacks, Club activities and information on services provided by various organizations.

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About the Club

The Albuquerque Stroke Club is a support group for people who have suffered an injury to their brain refered to as a stroke.

The Club was founded in August 1972 to bring together survivors of all ages and longevities, so that each person could benefit from others' solutions, experiences, knowledge, laughter, wisdom and even complaints!

Experience has demonstrated the effectiveness of help received from those who have been “where you are.” The value of such inspiration is beyond measure!

We are visible proof that each of you can cope with stroke and live a quality life.

We are a family for each other and we offer that special kind of comradeship that exists between those who share the same challenges. We urge all survivors, caregivers, families and friends to join us!


Goals of the Albuquerque Stroke Club include:

Offering encouragement to the survivor in working toward rehabilitation
Fostering understanding and education of the survivor and caregiver

Finding answers to any problems encountered in daily living, rehabilitation, or the community
Providing opportunities for survivors to meet and communicate with each other in a safe and caring environment, while fighting the isolation survivors often suffer


What Are The Activities?

The support group get together at a local church and a city senior center.

Support groups are located throughout the state. Click here to see the locations.

Meetings are held Monday through Friday.

Several meetings are specifically for those with aphasia.

In addition, we hold General Meetings monthly that alternate between social dinners and a lecture series.

We hold an annual picnic, a Christmas party and regular lunches.

Because we are a non-profit organization, our main fundraiser Raffle is held every June with wonderful prizes donated from businesses all over Albuquerque and the state.

Member Marvin Taylor AVM (Arteriovenous Malformation, the brain stem), Stroke Survivor since December 1987, celebrating his birthday at a Stroke Club General Meeting.

Photo courtesy Ken Owens, past Stroke Club president.

The Albuquerque Stroke Club extends a heartfelt "Thank you!" to the following organizations for their continuing support and sponsorship:  HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital, St. Andrew Presbyterian Church, the American Stroke Association, American Heart Association, Lovelace Rehabilitation Hospital, UNM Hospital Neurology Department, National Stroke Association and SpeedZone Print & Copy.

We are a non-profit organization and donations are greatly appreciated. Please send donations to:

Albuquerque Stroke Club

Attn: Bobbi Cuddihy

PO Box 3653

Albuquerque, NM  87109-3653

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Membership and Contacts

There are no dues, uniforms or rituals.

We welcome all people have experienced/survived a stroke, your caregivers, family and friends.

Our members conduct all meetings  and activities.

Our only interest is in helping each other.

We publish a monthly newsletter, The Helping Hand, which will be sent to anyone who calls and asks to be added to the mailing list.

If you would like to ask about future meetings, inquire about peer visits to hospital or homes or request phone contact from other survivors, call:

Marvin Taylor (505) 268-1694


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